LRCGB supports Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc., a non-profit, all volunteer organization which is dedicated to placing purebred Labrador Retrievers in suitable, loving homes.

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LRR helps people adopt Labs and helps people place their Labs. It services the following geographical areas: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine.

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Razor (the name he came with) was adopted through Labrador Retriever Rescue after I lost my 15 year old yellow Labrador Spencer.  After that, I decided to adopt black Labs as black dogs are usually adopted last. Razor had come in to rescue due to a change in his family circumstances.  I adopted just after he turned 8.  If I had to describe him using “human” terms: I would say he was kind and easygoing. He was a big guy about 110 pounds (not heavy just big) but never even thought of using it to his advantage.  He loved everyone. As you can see he was so handsome and a had a “teddy bear” looking face.
He insanely loved water in all forms: snow, rain, puddles, the ocean. He didn’t want to swim just lay down in it.  Razor luckily spent his summers on Cape Cod with his grandfather and a beach at the end of the street. Razor was obsessed with just going to the beach and lying in the water. We called it tubbing.

Kate Fitzgerald